Visiting Artist Lecture Series

ŪtMark is an Internet based market system that supports the informative alteration of
corporate products. ŪrtMark derives its name from "registered trademark" and is
pronounced "art mark". Since its inception in the early 1990's, ŪrtMark has been
responsible for funding many high-profile anti-corporate actions through its "mutual
funds". Its been called the "MacArthur Foundation for aesthetic anarchy" by the Village
Voice. They've swapped the voiceboxes of talking Barbie and GI Joe dolls at toy stores
throughout the United States, backed Illegal Art in the production of "Deconstructing
Beck" a remix of Beck Hansen's music, instigated actions such as "Phone in Sick Day", and
supported the satirical websites "GWBush.com", "Voteauction.com" and "gatt.org". ŪrtMark
has also emerged as an effective defender of artists against corporate interests on the
Web, most notably in defense of the artists group etoy from Internet toy giant eToys .

ŪrtMark representatives Ray Thomas and Frank Guerrero will speak on Wednesday,
November 13th in Fine Arts 215 from 1:00 - 2:00 PM. More information on the ŪrtMark
system may be found at http://www.rtmark.com/